Debdaru Path

Debdaru Path

Debdaru Path - 19 September 1995

Debdaru Path belongs to the parish of Dispur under the Archdiocese of Guwahti.  This transit house of our own was blessed on 20 September 1995.  It was a real need for us to have a house in Guwahati, as we were delayed indefinitely due to frequent strikes during travels to our distant houses in Meghalaya.  Upon receiving the written permission from Archbishop Thomas Menamparambil of Guwahati in 1988, Sr Lisa Kalathil, economer general was assigned by Sr Pieta Manavalan, superior general to look for a suitable property in Guwahati.  The sale deed registration was done on 19 September 1995 and on the same day we possessed the house and property.  This house was officially blessed on 30th October 1995 by Archbishop Thomas Menamparambil. We made major repairs and used it as our transit and study house, also for formation of fresh candidates and private tuition.  The community was canonically erected on 24 May 1997.

Pioneers: Srs Florette Thanickal (sister-in-charge), Sr Seraphine (local superior replacing Sr Florette) Gina Joseph, Leonie Thattuparambil, and Anisha.
The building, being too old and dilapidated was demolished in July 2009.  The new building which also serves as a hostel was blessed  on ……………

Ministries:  Home visitation, medical assistance to those coming from other missions, hostel for colleges going girl students, study house, formation of Plus II candidates, private tuitions, administration at Snehalaya for Child Rights in collaboration with Salesians at Guwahati.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate
Debdaru Path, Dispur
Assam  781 006

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