IIIrd Provincial Chapter of Guwahati Province

Our III Provincial Chapter commenced from 1 – 4 May,  2017 in our Provincial House, Guwahati consisting of  25 capitulars, with the theme: "To Revitalize the Little Way of Spiritual Childhood in our Life  and Mission". Little Way champions the pursuit of holiness in the modern and post-modern world in the paradox of finding greatness in the smallness of our ordinary and everyday life. As we are given the Little Way of Spiritual Childhood as a way of life it was the focus of our III Provincial Chapter to delve deeply into this way of life with studies, reflections deliberations.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Sr Lisette Thuruthimattam, our superior general who accompanied us throughout the preparation and celebration of the chapter with her directions and prayerful support. Sincere thanks to Sr. Jessy George, General Councilor, the delegate of Sr. Lisette,  who with her dynamism and expertise generated energy to the capitulars.  Sr. Salomy Vettickal was the moderator of the Chapter whose hard work, detailed and meticulous planning and efficient moderation led the III Provincial Chapter to a successful completion.

Our Apostolic Consecration

Impelled by the Love of Christ (2 Cor 5:14),…